Thinking about getting a family dog?

Wondering what kind of dog would best suit your family?

There are many things to consider when making this decision. How big or small should we get? What kind of temperament and personality do they have? Do they require a lot of maintenance? In this post we have compiled a list of 8 LARGE DOG breeds that we think would make amazing additions to your family!

#1 Labrador Retriever

Labrador Retrievers are the most popular dog in the United States. They make amazing family pets because they are friendly, patient and easily trainable. Labs are high energy dogs and are great for active families. They do very well with children and other animals. These furry creatures have sweet loving personalities and good temperaments. They want to please their humans and are naturally protective of them. Labradors do shed some, but they do not require high maintenance grooming. If you choose a Labrador Retriever, you will see just how incredible these dogs can be for your whole family!


#2 Golden Retriever

Golden Retrievers are another very popular dog breed. They are absolutely beautiful animals in both their looks and their personalities. Golden Retrievers are commonly used as service and therapy dogs because they are highly intelligent, patient and dependable. They are loyal to their families and have caring temperments. These friendly pups are great with children and other dogs. Golden Retrievers are also known to be highly active and energetic animals. They can play for hours. Golden Retrievers have long golden hair and they do shed quite a bit. You will likely be sweeping your floors on a normal basis with these dogs, but the love you will feel from a Golden Retriever will be worth it!


#3 German Shepherd

German Shepherds are another great fit for active families. They have a lot of energy and like to run, play, and go hiking. German Shepherds make excellent service dogs because they are extremely intelligent and hardworking. They are incredibly loyal to their families and are known to be protective of them. German Shepherds do require proper training, but once trained they are calm, patient and obedient. They love children and are watchful over them. They are courageous and confident. German Shepherds are long haired animals and do tend to shed a lot. Be prepared to have hair on your furniture and clothing if you choose this dog breed.  


#4 Boxer

Boxers are super fun pets because they are playful and love human company. They have silly personalities and often act like goofy kids. These loving dogs are excellent with children and act as a  second pair of eyes on them. If a Boxer senses a threat, they are quick to respond. They prefer to be in the company of people and other pets. They respond well to positive attention. Boxers have a lot of energy and like to stay busy. They do best when they are exercised both physically and mentally on a daily basis. Training is always a good idea for Boxers as they tend to take years to fully mature. They make excellent family pets though with patience and consistency.


#5 Bernese Mountain Dog

Bernese Mountain Dogs are an excellent choice for families living in cold climates. These snow-loving creatures thrive in cold weather. They make wonderful guard dogs and are gentle with children. Bernese Mountain dogs can be shy, but they would risk their lives to help rescue someone in need. They are protective, but not aggressive. Often known as gentle giants, these pups are one of the largest dog breeds around. They love family friendly activities and are eager to please. Bernese Mountain dogs are also easily trained making them a great addition to families.


#6 Golden Doodle

Golden Doodles make excellent pets for families who suffer from allergies. They were bred to combine the loveable temperament of a Golden Retriever with the non-shedding coat of a Poodle. Their curly hair hardly sheds, making them about as hypoallergenic as they come. These adorable pups are very athletic and highly intelligent.  Golden Doodles are wonderful with children and other pets. They are friendly and affectionate animals. They do require daily exercise, but their playful nature makes them very attractable to families.


#7 Standard Poodle

Poodles make amazing family dogs because they are even tempered and well behaved. Poodles are a popular breed among families. They have a playful and energetic nature. They do not bark much, but they do like to socialize with people and other dogs. Poodles are intelligent dogs and are highly trainable. They are quick learners and gentle with children. They are known to be protective of their families. A Poodles coat is relatively non-shedding so they are another good breed for families who suffer from allergies.


#8 Mutts (Mixed Breed)

Mutts make amazing family pets too. Mixed breed dogs often offer the best traits of 2 or more great dog breeds combined into one. These types of dogs are often found in animal shelters and are easily and often times inexpensively adoptable. When you choose adoption of a mixed breed dog you are giving them a second chance at life. (What could be better?) A life where they will be appreciated and adored by a family that wants them for just being them. Mutts are usually very loyal and as intelligent as their pure bred breeds. Mutts are typically loveable creatures that will show you so much love your life will be forever changed.

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