Dogs are truly amazing creatures. They have an astounding zest for life, and an abundance of love to give. House Of Furbabies believes everyone should experience the pure joy in owning such an amazing pet. From having many dogs ourselves, we know first-hand just how much those floppy ears and goofy grins have made a difference in our lives. We want everyone to know that love, so we have compiled a list of 5 reasons why we believe getting a family dog would improve your life too. 

#1 Dogs are fiercely loyal to their families.

       Dogs are naturally loving and affectionate animals. They adore their humans and truly view them as family. They trust their family to provide for them and protect them, so in turn, they are quick to show that same care and protection. They have an amazing sense of awareness and are quick to sound the alarm if something seems off. They would risk their own lives to protect you from harm. They provide a sense of security to many families. Knowing that your dog will guard your home at night, or if you are away, gives many people comfort and peace of mind.

#2 Dogs teach children valuable life lessons.

       Children can learn so much from their FurBabies. Most importantly, dogs teach children responsibility. Being required to care for a dog comes with hard work and consistency. Tasks such as taking them for a walk or making sure they are fed helps children become independent. It gives them a sense of satisfaction which helps build confidence in themselves. Dogs also teach kids to have empathy and compassion. They learn to understand another's feelings and how to be mindful of them. They easily form a special bond with each other that also helps children develop better socially and makes them better communicators and friends.

#3 Dogs provide unconditional love.

       The most unconditional love that you will ever encounter is with a dog. You are their whole world! No matter if you are having a bad day, or have left them alone for hours, you can almost bet that your dog will greet you with a wagging tail and a happy, loving spirit. They are content just being near you. Dogs often make people feel loved and special. They don't judge us on our worst days, and they love us no matter our flaws. Dogs are truly empathetic creatures who make our lives better just by being in them.

#4 Dogs keeps families active and healthy.

       Dogs provide not only physical benefits to families, but also emotional and psychological. Dogs require daily exercise. Taking your pup on a daily walk has proven health benefits like reducing blood pressure, burning fat, and strengthening bones and muscles. These furry friends get families off their electronics and outside more. They encourage children to be more active and playful. Dogs are also wonderful for our emotional well-being. They can improve our moods dramatically, lower stress levels, and help us sleep better. They also help people who suffer from anxiety and depression by bringing peace and calm to their lives.

#5 Dogs can be easily trained.

        Dogs are very smart animals. Most breeds can easily be trained with time and patience. Dogs want to please their humans. (They are also highly motivated by treats!) With consistent work, dogs can learn exactly what you expect of them and how to behave in various situations. Researching various dog breeds will help you determine which breeds personality would be the best fit for your family. There are also many resources at your disposal to help you train your pup to be the very best dog he can be.


      There are just so many benefits that come from having a family dog. It is amazing how much love and laughter they bring into our lives. Even more, how much closer families can become with one another just by putting these four-legged FurBabies in it.  

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