There is no doubt about it, we are obsessed with dogs! These furry creatures bring heart and soul to our lives. They are so much more than just pets to us. They are our family! Dogs steal our hearts with their unconditional love, (and then they steal our beds for the rest of time). They celebrate with us during our highs, and they sympathize with us through our lows. We probably do not deserve these amazing four-legged friends, but we are so blessed to have them in our lives.

      House Of FurBabies is a family-owned business out of small town Ohio. We currently have two very spoiled, but extremely sweet dogs of our own, Bentley and Beau. Bentley is a 5-year-old Chocolate Labrador, who loves eating, taking walks and playing with the neighbor dogs. He is our 100lb. teddy bear, with puppy eyes that can score him treats from just about anyone. Beau is a 1-year-old Jack Russell/Terrier, who has tremendous energy, and so much love to give. He is the newest member of our family, whom we rescued from a local shelter last year. Beau loves cuddling up next to us on the couch, and also enjoys a full-on WWE wrestling match with his older, and much larger brother. (He is definitely the instigator in 99% of these matches, but hey, it's always the little one's, isn't it?!)

      We understand that people love their dogs as much as we do, so we developed House Of FurBabies to be a go-to online boutique for fun and unique dog products. We aim to provide stylish apparel and accessories for both you and your pup. We target items that we think every dog and owner will enjoy and we are always looking for new ways to spoil our furry friends. From birthday supplies and posh toys to funny bandanas and unique dog dishes, we have something for everyone. 

       House Of FurBabies is also committed to giving back. We have been donating to the ASPCA for many years now, but we look forward to expanding our donations on a much larger scale in the future. We want to help provide more assistance and supplies to shelters and rescue groups. All dogs deserve a good home with lots of love and a family to share that with. With your help, we will make it our #1 goal to help these precious animals find just that. 

       Thank you so much for taking the time to read about our small business! We sincerely hope you will come back often and become a part of our journey to giving dogs their best possible life. We would love for you to become a regular customer of our House Of FurBabies boutique. 

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